Post-rehab struggles and how to deal with them


Steps that will lead to a happy post-rehab life

Struggles don’t end when the rehabilitation process finishes. Some old problems disappear while new ones emerge and thus a former addict has to persevere and stay clean to lead a normal life.Every day is a struggle for a former addict and the self-destruction lies but a step or two away. Willpower is a powerful tool that will keep you on a straight path, but it might not be enough in some cases.

Every post-rehab individual should take certain steps that will increase a chance of leading a drug (or alcohol) free life. Every individual has their issues, and not all people will find that all of these steps help. But the important thing is to talk with specialists and find what keeps you away from relapse. Work will take your mind away from drugs and alcohol. If you find yourself thinking about going back to the old lifestyle, then get your mind away from that with work. Focusing on work will help, but this doesn’t mean that it has to become the sole thing you are doing. No, the work should take your mind away for a portion of the day, but too much of it will cause stress which will lead to anxiety. Friends you had while you were abusing drugs or alcohol aren’t people that should be around you after you go clean. Those people will just draw you back into the hell you tried so hard to get away. Try to find new friends that aren’t interested in getting drunk or high all the time and your way of observing life will change.

Lapse is not a relapse

One small slip doesn’t have to lead to a full relapse. You might stumble and fail to remain clean. If you make a mistake, then reflect on it alone and also seek the help of a professional. Our group sessions, as well as one-on-one meeting, are there to help you. Check back with us, and we will appoint someone that will calm you down and make sure that you don’t go back to your bad habits again.