Addiction as a “better” choice in life

When people start talking about substance abuse and how it starts, many people think about marijuana and alcohol, and yet they aren’t the causes of the addiction. Some conservatives accept the fact that marijuana is a gateway drug, but those same people don’t believe that alcohol addiction exists.

Both of those (alcohol and drugs) addictions exist, but their causes aren’t marijuana or something similar. No, if we want to discuss reasons for addiction then we have to move to psychological causes because they are the root of all problems.

Stress – The enemy of the whole humankind

People consider stress as a plague of a new age and yet it has been around us as long as the humanity exists. Stress is the primary cause for drug and alcohol addiction and here is why.

We work, go to school and deal with people along the expectation that were set by society. Every deviation from that expectation makes us different, and that isn’t desirable. The issue is that we are all different and we encounter issues that we can’t tackle on our own even though the majority of the society can. This causes stress as we think about the issue and try to solve it on our own. We can’t resolve the problem, but the society tells us that the problem doesn’t exist.

 The way out isn’t always good

Stressing about something uses a lot of energy, and an individual becomes grumpy, easy to anger and hard to socialize. Society doesn’t need people like that, and thus people under stress look for ways to relieve it. Some people find relief in sport, music and another similar activates while others resolve to alcohol and drugs.

The amount of stress they go through is enormous, and it is constant, and thus the only way for them to rest and regain their sanity is to find an “off” switch. That switch cuts them off from the reality and takes them to a place where stress doesn’t exist. People like this can’t get good through willpower alone which is why organizations, like ours, exist. Our motto is “Helping others is easy when others helped you” as our group sessions see people who got over addiction helping those that are still struggling.